Vistas of the Thames River Photography Contest

The Vistas of the Thames River Photo Contest is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who entered.  Winners will be announced at the Vistas of the Thames River Poster Launch Party on November 12th.

Ready, Set, Shoot!

Photographers are invited to submit images of “Vistas of the Thames River” for the 2015 Thames Talbot Land Trust (TTLT) Photography Contest. The contest is designed to raise awareness and funds for the land-trust. The top 25 entries will be featured in the inspirational “Vistas of the Thames” poster created when the contest closes in the fall of 2015. The photo contest and poster is a legacy project marking a big milestone in 2015, the 15th anniversary of the TTLT.

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How to enter: Use the form below to submit your photograph. Be sure to add a title and description! Note: all submissions must be received by Monday, October 19th, 2015. Upload a maximum of 3 digital photos.  Additional rules available here. 


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Please join us for the Vistas of the Thames River Launch Party on November 12th, 2015.  

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Thank you to our sponsors! 

TTLT has received support for this event from the Awesome London Foundation, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority,the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority, Labatt Breweries and O'Neil Funeral Home and Chapel. We are so grateful for their contributions!  


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Twisted by the Thames

Kains Woods, Thames by Kayak


Thames River Near Highway #7

A bright, colourful view of the Thames River where it crosses Highway #7.


The Thames Near Dorchester

A moody, warm summer evening view near Dorchester of the Thames River framed by milkweed.


Sunrise Over the Thames

A view of the Thames River at Greenway Park, London on a frigid February morning



This is the Pond Mills. Water plants are surrounding a tree like little kids waiting for an old storyteller to tell his/her story.


Geese landing on the Thames

The geese came just as I was looking through the camera lens.


Peaceful Morning on the Thames

Early morning: there was hoar frost on the trees and mist rising.


London in January

It was one of the coldest days of winter and the fountain was spraying ice particles into the Thames!


Winter in Springbank

A crisp, clear, frosty morning near the pump house.


White Trees

View from the university bridge on a cold morning in February.


Near Little Falls in St. Marys - Main Stree Bridge over the Thames River

Victoria Bridge (Main Street Bridge) over the Thames River


Meadowlily Area in the Winter

Picture taken in the Talbot Land Trust during the winter


Fountain at the Fork of the Thames

Took this photo during the full moon


Gibbons Park

Took this Infra Red photo on an artist in Gibbons Park


Springbank in the Fall

Amazing fall Color along the river in Springbank Park


Forks of The Thames Skyline



On the lighter side of the fountain at night

Taken on an outing with club members of The London Camera Club as a learning exercise for night photography, submitted on behalf of James Bristow.


The fountain at a later time of night

An outing with the members of The London Camera Club, submitted on behalf of James Bristow.


Down By The River

The view from the deck of my daughter's River Bunkie in Dorchester, ON


Thames river from the bridge

River near wonderland gardens