Our vision at TTLT focuses on creating a network of permanently protected areas within the Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford, and Perth counties. Since 2000, we have been committed to making that vision come true, but it hasn't been without the help of you, our community members.

Together, we have been able to protect over 1900 acres of land through restoring ecosystems and nurturing a love for nature, creating a network of land and habitat that will last forever.

Left: Hawk Cliff Woods. Photo courtesy of Ron Kingswood. 

We're not stopping there, though. 

Canada has committed to protecting and conserving 30% of national land and ocean by 2030 (the 30 x 30 goal) in support of the UN Biodiversity Treaty in order to sustain biodiversity and protect rare, vulnerable, and irreplaceable natural areas, as well as commit to respecting Indigenous Peoples' and Local Communities' rights over their lands and resources. 

Local land trusts, such as Thames Talbot Land Trust, are working to fight the dual crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. Conserving natural heritage lands is one of the most effective ways to address climate change. These landscapes retain rainwater, create cooler microhabitats, provide homes for vulnerable species, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, and build resilience in natural communities. These same lands provide habitat for some of Canada's rarest species.

The need is urgent. The climate crisis is one of the largest threats facing our planet. Biodiversity is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history.

So what's our plan to help contribute to the national and global 30 x 30 goals? 

By doing what we do best - protect, restore, and nurture.

But we need your help!

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