Purchase TTLT Merchandise

Support the work of the Thames Talbot Land Trust with this stylish merchandise.  All proceeds will support the protection of lands and waters with significant natural, recreational, scenic, historical or agricultural value.

To purchase TTLT merchandise and have it sent via Canada Post please contact Julia Eastabrook at julia.eastabrook@ttlt.ca or 519.858.3442

Vistas of the Thames River Poster



Poster - $20.00 

Plaque mounted poster $50.00

This stylish 19 x 24 inch poster features a 25 vistas of the the Thames River submitted by local photographers. 

The poster is available for pick up at the TTLT office and any TTLT event.

The poster features the following pictures:

  • Adelaide Bridge – Allan Lewis
  • By The Shore’s Edge – Ken Rae
  • Day’s End – Keith Tuohy
  • Elemental – Kerry Hurst
  • Evening Sky – Keith Tuhoy
  • Forks of the Thames Reflections – Karl Raupp
  • Forks of the Thames Skyline – Carl Shelley
  • Fountain at the Forks of the Thames – Steve Donnelly
  • Fresh Green and Bright Blue – Marta Poludnik
  • Greenway Sunrise – Bruce Laing
  • Meadowlilly Footbridge at Dusk – Mark Whitfield
  • Richmond Bridge – Allan Lewis
  • Springbank In The Fall – Steve Donnelly
  • Springbank Park – Rafael Sanchez
  • Springbank Sunrise – Chris Lipscombe
  • Sunrise at Springbank Dam – Bruce Laing
  • Sunrise Over Thames River at Greenway Park London - Sheila Creighton
  • Sunset at the Thames – Sidney Siu
  • Sunset on the Thames – Mark Watger
  • Thames Ice Clouds – MJ Idzerda
  • Thames River Just North of Highway 7 – Sheila Creighton
  • View From Greenway Park – Rafael Sanchez
  • White Trees – Silke Dennhardt
  • Winter Gathering – Colin Hutchinson
  • Winter in Springbank – Mary Chambers

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Cards and Note Paper 

The Thames Talbot Land Trust is selling note cards and note paper featuring prints from pen and ink drawings by Jane M Bowles (1952 - 2013), one of the founding members of the Thames Tablot Land Trust.  All proceeds from the sale of the note cards and paper will support the stewardship efforts of the Thames Talbot Land Trust. 

Native Plants of Ontario Note Cards - $6.00 

Flowers of the Boreal Forest Note Cards - $6.00

Floral Note Paper - $5.00

To purchase TTLT merchandise and have it sent via Canada Post please contact Dee Crilly at dee.crilly@ttlt.ca or 519.858.3442


Photograph by Katie Michiels