The TaTTLer is Thames Talbot Land Trust's biannual newsletter, which is released in the Spring and Fall of each year. Please enjoy these past issues.

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Available Issues:

Fall 2023 [PDF]          ---       Logic Puzzle Answers

Spring 2023 [PDF]      ---      Wildflower Wordsearch Answers

Fall 2022 [PDF]          ---       Logic Puzzle Answers

Spring 2022 [PDF]      ---       Logic Puzzle Answers

Fall 2021 [PDF]           ---      Word Find Solutions

Spring 2021 [PDF]      ---       Logic Puzzle Answers

Fall 2020 [PDF]           ---      Crossword Answers               

Spring 2020 [PDF]       ---      Crossword Answers

Fall 2019 [PDF]             

"Spring" 2019 [PDF]

Fall 2018 [PDF]

Fall 2017 [PDF]

Spring 2017 [PDF]

Fall 2016 [PDF]

Spring 2016 [PDF]