About Us

Thames Talbot Land Trust (TTLT) is dedicated to protecting environmentally significant lands through acquisition, conservation easements, landscape restoration and education. TTLT is a registered charity, dedicated to the protection of lands and waters with significant natural, scenic, cultural or agricultural value. 

We protect over 1800 acres of land and the habitats of at least 45 species-at-risk.  

TTLT is a non-profit organization that works out of London, Ontario. We currently own and manage 20 properties and one conservation easement, protecting a total of more than 1800 acres of land. Our area of focus includes Middlesex, Elgin, Perth and Oxford Counties. 

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"A land trust is really a promise made to future generations."
- Mary E. Kerr, A Founding Director of TTLT 

2000: The Thames Talbot Land Trust was incorporated

2005: Canadian conservation history was made when London philanthropists Richard and Beryl Ivey made a $1 million gift to the TTLT Opportunities Fund. This fund supports the cost of securing and stewarding natural and cultural lands. 

2008: The fund received an additional $500,000 gift from the estate of Beryl Ivey. This gift was directed towards TTLT's efforts at Skunk's Misery. 

Our Goals 

Protecting Lands, Habitats and Natural Heritage
Our primary intent is to hold and manage the land in perpetuity for the benefit of future generations.

Restoring Ecosystems 
Our restoration activities, like planting native species, removing garbage, and controlling invasive species, help to restore damaged ecosystems.

Managing Alien Invasive Species
TTLT helps to protect wildlife and habitats by mapping, removing, and monitoring invasive species.

Support Environmental Education
TTLT offers skill building and professional development workshops as well as a range of volunteer stewardship opportunities

Carolinian Zone 

Many of our properties are in the Carolinian Zone. This is a natural region in Southern Ontario and Canada's most biodiverse region. The biodiversity includes over 70 trees, 2200 plants, 400 birds and over 60 species-at-risk. This area covers less than 1% of Canada's land area but contains 25% of the population.

We help retain, restore and create quality habitat in the Carolinian Zone.

TTLT is a member of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance.

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