Community Programs


Photo credits: Darby Alderson, Melanie Franke, TTLT staff

Diversifying Conservation

The Diversifying Conservation program launched in 2021 in partnership with the W.E.A.N Community Centre and London Cross Cultural Learner Centre. It is designed to provide a series of nature-related events to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) within Elgin, Oxford, Perth, and Middlesex counties, providing a safe space and opportunities to engage and connect with nature in ways that are more accessible and equitable for everyone. 

With this program, we also hope to strengthen the community partnerships we currently have, while fostering other partnerships with local BIPOC organizations to pursue future initiatives with. 

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact [email protected].

This program is funded by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

Biodiversity Boss

Do you have what it takes to be a Biodiversity Boss?

Biodiversity Boss Conservation Training is a skills development program offered by Thames Talbot Land Trust. Participants learn about conservation and restoration in the context of Canada's Carolinian Zone, including hands on activities in restoration, invasive species management, and Ecological Land Classification.

Are you:

  • curious about conservation, restoration, and ecology?
  • looking for fun, hands-on, skills building experience?
  • comfortable being outside in nature, off trail, whatever the weather (and potentially with bugs)?

If so, consider joining us and earn your Biodiversity Boss badge!

What to Expect

This free program is designed to be participatory, hands-on, and fun. Participants learn about different conservation issues and take part in important restoration and conservation projects. Along the way, they learn to ID various native and invasive species. At the end of the program, participants are presented with their Biodiversity Boss badge.

Thank you to our 2021 Biodiversity Bosses! Stay tuned for information about the 2022 program.

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Environmental Education - Nature Education for Youth

Since 2017, the Environmental Education program has offered the opportunity primarily for high school students to participate in ecological restoration learning and experiential activities. Students learn inside and outside of the classroom, and contribute to the overall well-being of natural habitats across Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford, and Perth Counties.


We offer a range of modules geared towards grades 9-12, including restoring nature with native plant species, invasive species management, and seed collecting and processing. Each topic includes 1-2 classroom sessions, where students have the opportunity to learn about a specific restoration topic, followed by a field trip to one of TTLT's nature reserves to conduct a corresponding restoration activity. Modules currently available include:

  • Invasive Species Management
  • Native Plant Restoration
  • Plant ID & Seeds Introduction
  • Species at Risk - General
  • Species at Risk - Become a Turtle Guardian

For more information on each module, see Module Descriptions

Programming is available in an entirely virtual format, an entirely outdoor format, and a virtual/outdoor hybrid. All topics include indoor and outdoor activities, depending on the season and outdoor access. We can also provide programming to non-school entities, such as clubs and homeschooled students.

For Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) or Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) classes, we can also provide more in-depth programming. Contact us to learn more.

Participants of the program (e.g. students, teachers, parents, etc.) are asked to take part in our evaluation surveys and activities so that we may measure the impact the Program has had on the behaviours and attitudes of its participants. Evaluation data is anonymous and does not include the collection of any personal student information, such as names, email addresses, etc. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

There are no costs associated with the Program, but you may want to provide your own gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers. COVID-19 precautions and cleaning procedures will be in place.

If you are interested in participating, or have any questions regarding the Program, please email Darby at [email protected].