Sunday Funnies: Field Bloopers

Are you looking for an easy and creative way to spruce up your wardrobe? Do you like wearing nature-themed attire? Then have we got a solution for you! Come walking with us through the meadow on a fall day, and you too can discover the wonders of Tick Trefoil. Simply walk past this plant and your clothes will have instant seedy decoration. The plant uses this strategy to disperse its seeds far and wide by sticking them to deer and other mammals, who wander around and drop seeds wherever they walk. And it’s not just Tick Trefoil; there are also other sticky seeds such as burrs and beggarticks. Their Velcro-like coating ensures they stick to any passers-by. For an extra treat, put your seedy clothes through a washer-dryer cycle and transfer these beautiful adornments to everything else you own. Your family members will delight in discovering a seedy pattern on their favourite shirt or a clump of burrs in their socks.


- Rebecca Launchbury