Sunday Funnies: Crash, Boom, Flames

“One day, I was soil sampling in a field that surrounded an airport where a model plane club liked to meet. They were flying over the field I was in, doing tricks and diving down low to the ground. As I continued my sampling, I moved on, away from the area they were recklessly flying over, and not 10 minutes later I hear ‘Nnnyyyooooooommmmmm….booooofffff!’ I turn around and see the model plane had dove too low to the ground and has crashed (*facepalm*). Keep in mind, this was mid-summer, it was super hot out, and they were flying over a dry clay field that had wheat stubble left over from harvesting. Again, it was very dry and since the model planes were fancy planes, they had gas engines. The field then caught on fire and people were frantically running over to put the blaze out. I zoomed back to my truck to get my fire extinguisher, but by the time I had got back to the area, people had already stomped it out or had used blankets. The owner of the farm came out all livid and asked what I had seen and proceeded to keep an eye on the area after the people had left. I was still sampling for the rest of the day in his field, due to intensive sampling requirements, so I told him I’d keep an eye on the area in case it reignited from the heat of the day. Luckily, no other fires occurred.” - Michael Coady