Celebrating the Federal Government's Commitment to Nature-based Climate Solutions

March 1, 2023 - We are excited to share with you today's announcement that the Government of Canada will make a significant investment to help conserve biodiverse and carbon-rich ecosystems that are at high risk of conversion or degradation in Ontario.

Over $11.7M in funding will be provided from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC)’s Nature Smart Climate Solutions Fund (NSCSF) to Ontario Land Trust Alliance and its partners to support nature-based projects that promote carbon storage and capture while providing important habitat for species at risk and/or species of cultural and local importance. This is part of the $1.4 billion that Canada has invested in the Nature Smart Climate Solutions Fund. These funds will be matched from others sources including individual donations and foundation support, as well as other levels of government. TTLT is ecstatic to be one of the partner land trusts participating in these projects. 

We are pleased to see that the important role that community land conservation plays in contributing to nature-based climate solutions is being recognized. This significant, collaborative effort will contribute to Canada’s climate change targets by conserving lands that are at high risk of carbon-intensive use, and restoring and managing lands to enhance their carbon capture capacity.

“The Ontario Land Trust Alliance is very grateful for the leadership shown by the Government of Canada in supporting ambitious, collaborative projects like these, to conserve and restore biodiverse and carbon-rich ecosystems across Ontario. Support for community land conservation also provides significant positive co-benefits for highly sensitive, highly biodiverse, threatened habitats and ecosystems in Ontario, whilst also contributing to Canada’s climate change objectives.” – Alison Howson, Executive Director, Ontario Land Trust Alliance.

TTLT is a proud member of OLTA and contributes to the collective impact of local land trust members. Ontario land trusts currently steward over 117,000 acres of land, with the support of thousands of volunteers annually.



Alison Howson, OLTA Executive Director
[email protected]