Lusty Family Woods

DGW_5661_Lusty_resized_medium.jpgThe Lusty Family Tract is a 21-ha (53-acre) parcel of spectacular Carolinian swamp forest which lies at the heart of the West Lorne Woods in the Municipality of West Elgin. The West Lorne Woods is 600 acres of almost continuous deciduous forest. Its mix of swamp forest and upland woods creates habitat for a rich array of Carolinian species. Check out pictures of this beautiful property here.

The Lusty Family Woods is located one kilometre east of TTLT's Tanager Tract (acquired in 2010). Securement of this wooded parcel significantly increases the amount of protected habitat in the West Lorne Woods. The property is named the Lusty Family Woods in recognition of the contributions made by the Lusty Family to the Rodney community over many years. In view of the wet terrain and sensitive habitat, public access to this nature reserve will be seasonally limited.