In Memory Pat Dewdney

Pat Dewdney memory

For many of us TTLT folk, a lasting memory of Pat will be of her as our charming and hospitable host during gatherings at the Nook at Newport Forest, in the shade of a mighty Black Maple. Conversations at the Nook were always lively and informed, often under the close watch of a raccoon overhead in the tree.

The Nook was also where light refreshments were served to participants after innumerable field trips at Newport Forest, general nature hikes, or specialized hikes to survey butterflies in the summer or fungi in the fall. Pat moved around the group plying us with her delicious home-baked snacks and cold drinks. She was always fascinated and delighted on hearing what the visitors had discovered. As a well-trained amateur botanist, she had an intimate knowledge of the diversity of plant species, particularly flowers, thriving at Newport. Pat and her husband, Kee, donated this much-loved property to the Land Trust in 2007. Pat will be missed by the a wide community of naturalists that had come to know her over the years.

-Stan Caveney