Diversifying Conservation: Pollinators with Peter Soroye

Canada is home to a beautiful diversity of wild bees and other pollinators, bumble bee on asterfrom fluffy bumblebees to shiny metallic sweat bees. These wild pollinators are important for keeping our landscapes healthy and thriving, but the wild bees in your backyard are also far more diverse and even more incredible than you might realize! Unfortunately, these bees (like many other wildlife) are increasingly under threat from climate change and other human pressures, which is what drives researchers like Peter. Join to learn about the different pollinators in your backyard, the extraordinary strategies that they use to thrive, the threats they’re facing, and what you can do to help save them. Photo: Andre Lachance


Peter Soroye

Peter likes to call himself a conservation biologist, and he likes to think that someday us humans will get our act together so he can call himself something else. Currently, Peter is the Assessment and Outreach Coordinator for the Key Biodiversity Areas Program at Wildlife Conservation Society Canada. It's a really fun job with an awesome team at an awesome organization, and you can find out more about the work they're doing at www.kbacanada.org. Peter is also finishing a PhD at the University of Ottawa, working with Prof. Jeremy Kerr, and studying the effects of climate change and habitat loss on pollinators across continents. He loves doing research but loves trying to make a difference more, so he tries to stay engaged in his various communities and use his power for good. Peter thinks science communication is an important part of being a researcher, and enjoys doing that and helping to build platforms for others to do it as well. When Peter has spare time he tries to fill it with things he enjoys: photography, basketball, music, and camping (not necessarily in that order). 


This webinar is part of the Diversifying Conservation series and funded by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

October 14, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm

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