The Thames Talbot Land Trust relies on a team of active volunteers to support our efforts. Many are members of one of the following committees.

Property Management Committee
 The Property Management Committee provides advice and assistance to staff and the Board of Directors on matters relating to management of lands in which the Trust holds an interest. Its tasks include:

  • Preparing management plans to address issues such as hazard and risk assessment, land use and management objectives, and finances and site monitoring
  • Implementing management initiatives
  • Monitoring and maintenance of trust lands to identify changes in the natural environment over time, and to identify measures that may be required to address undesirable changes

Land Securement Committee
The Land Securement Committee provides recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding protection and securement of candidate lands having ecological, cultural, agricultural or scenic values. Its Tasks Include:

  • Selecting conservation lands
  • Evaluating candidate lands, assessing advantages and liabilities of all prospects using locally-relevant and province-wide benchmarks for significance
  • Determining long-term stewardship costs associated with prospective conservation lands

Membership and Marketing Committee
The Membership and Marketing Committee provides guidance to staff and the Board on matters relating to maintaining and increasing the membership base of TTLT and increasing the profile of the Trust. Its tasks include:

  • Communicating with TTLT members, including Tattler newsletter and TTLT websites
  • Cultivating media relations
  • Organizing public events such as the annual Fall Speaker Series
  • Planning for other promotional activities including presentations and event displays
  • Recognizing members, donors, and volunteers

Governance Committee

Governance Committee seeks to improve the effectiveness of the board of directors and the committees, and to assist individual directors in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities as board members.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides expertise and guidance in relation to all financial matters of Thames
Talbot Land Trust, including financial reporting, internal controls, management information systems
and risk management.

General TTLT committee requirements

  • The composition of every TTLT committee includes one or more Board members
  • Committee directors report to the Board on committee affairs
  • Board members receive no remuneration for their role as committee members
  • The Board of Directors may create standing or ad hoc committees and prescribe the duties of such committees as it may deem appropriate
  • Committee members may be appointed or removed by resolution of the Board

If you are interested in joining a TTLT committee, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.