Our most ambitious campaign ever.

In the year 2020, Thames Talbot Land Trust will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Two years after it was founded, Thames Talbot Land Trust received its first gift of land. Since that time, the organization has grown slowly but steadily. By the end of 2018, the Trust had taken on responsibility for over 1500 acres (600 hectares) of land across 15 nature reserves.

These sites provide habitat for diverse communities of plants and animals, including at least 30 species-at-risk. The additional purchases and gifts of land through the Vision 20/20 campaign will bring the total land under our protection to nearly 1900 acres (770 hectares).

Previous campaigns have centred on single properties. With the Vision 20/20 campaign, the Trust is taking direct action on long-term protection of multiple conservation lands in the counties of Elgin, Oxford and Middlesex.

The need is urgent.

Climate change is one of the largest threats facing our planet.

Biodiversity is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history.

Local land trusts, such as Thames Talbot Land Trust, are working to fight the dual crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. Conserving natural heritage lands is one of the most effective ways to address climate change. These landscapes retain rainwater, create cooler microhabitats, provide homes for vulnerable species, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, and build resilience in natural communities. These same lands provide habitat for some of Canada's rarest species.

The place is here.

Through an initiative called Pathway to Canada Target 1, the federal government is aiming to conserve at least 17% of Canada’s land and freshwater by the end of 2020. Progress is being made, as of spring 2019 we are at 11.8%. But most of that protected nature is in the north. The Carolinian Zone, located in southwestern Ontario, only has 2.5% of nature under protection. Yet, this area holds the highest biodiversity in Canada and the highest proportion of Species at Risk. To protect Canada’s wildlife we need to protect Canada's south. All properties in the Vision 20/20 campaign contribute to Canada's goal of 17% and help to protect an important and unique piece of Canada.

We are asking for your support to help us protect nature forever.

Photo: Pileated Woodpecker Family by Sean Brown

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