Campaign Budget

The Vision 20/20 Campaign focused on 7 properties. Together, these properties add over 500 acres to the Trust’s portfolio of conservation land. Four of the 7 properties are donations. For each property, including those that are gifts, the Trust must raise funds for long-term stewardship. A sum equivalent to 20% of the appraised value of the land is reserved for this purpose. This campaign will also support other vital work of the Thames Talbot Land Trust.



Here is a breakdown for this campaign.

 Value of Donated Properties $1,213,675
 Purchase 3 Properties $624,400
 Property Stewardship Fund $367,615
 Appraisals, Surveys, Legal etc. $101,230
 Opportunities Fund $150,000
 Support Property Stewardship Staffing $100,000
 Campaign Administration (10%) $100,000
 Total Campaign $2,656,920


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