Boview Farm

Boview Farm is a 35.5-hectare (88-acre) site located in Middlesex Centre. This beautiful reserve of forest, grassland, wetlands, and floodplain was formerly home to Mary and Paul Harding, and it has been generously donated to TTLT as a way of continuing the Harding’s great conservation efforts and legacy. The Boview Farm name originates from two associations with the land – the Oxbow Creek that partly runs through it and the bovines (beef cattle) that once grazed its pastures. Over sixty species of trees, thirty-two species of birds, and twenty-six species of fish have been recorded at Boview Farm so far. Of these many species, there are several cited as being at risk, including the Barn Swallow, Bobolink, and Eastern Whip-poor-will. Paul and Mary Harding’s commitment to conservation, reflected in their efforts such as consistent tree-planting, left a great mark that TTLT looks forward to building on in future restoration work.

Photo courtesy of Daria Koscinski