Volunteer Spotlight: Julia Eastabrook

Julia Eastabrook: Former Staff, Current Volunteer, Forever Supporter

Julia’s story begins like many environmentally minded people, in the trees. As a child, Julia would explore the forest floor then oversee the woods by climbing the trees. As Julia grew older, she never lost her passion for nature and the environment, but also developed interests in the community and political issues.

Julia started working at TTLT in 2012 because “protecting nature and natural spaces is critical work”. Being involved with TTLT provided her the opportunity to be immersed in a network of environmentally conscious individuals with a lot of knowledge for nature. Julia described her experience as helping her to see “the forest for the trees. To understand how our ecosystem works and how it is interconnected.” Julia’s experiences also sparked her hobby of native plant gardening.

Not only was Julia influenced by TTLT, but she also helped to improve TTLT’s administrative functions, secure funding and improve the organization’s public presence. Although, she says the “best experiences come from my colleagues. All the laughter support and celebrated achievements.”

After six years, Julia’s employment with TTLT ended, but her efforts have continued as a supporter and volunteer. When asked about her hopes for the future, Julia remarks that she wants “to see important habitats protected and to see natural spaces preserved so that future generations can fall in love with nature too”. With her educational background in political science and business, we hope that Julia continues to find ways to utilize her skills and passions to influence the protection of natural spaces.


Photos are of Julia Eastabrook with her family during TTLT's Winter Walk for Wildlife fundraiser.