Welcome to Joany’s Woods

Joany’s Woods is a 148 ha (365 acre) gem which includes woodlands, wetlands, meadows, plantations and shrub thickets. It was purchased by the Thames Talbot Land Trust in 2007 from the estate of Thomas Doherty and is recognized for its significant natural features. The name “Joany” honours the memory of the daughter of Thomas Doherty.

Joany’s Woods is nestled in the Ausable River Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI). The Ausable River winds along the west edge of Joany’s Woods and the creeks in Joany’s Woods feed into the river. The condition of rivers and watersheds of the region depend on large natural areas like Joany’s Woods.

More broadly, Joany’s Woods is part of Canada’s Carolinian region, which lies south of a line roughly between Toronto and Grand Bend. The name Carolinian comes from the presence of animals, and plants such as Tulip Trees and Sassafras that are more common in areas to the south, including the Carolinas.

The Thames Talbot Land Trust invites you to enjoy Joany’s Woods on three trails. We manage this significant area for conservation, public education, hiking and appreciation of its beauty and its many species.

You are now on the Ivey trail. This trail is approximately 4.4 km (2.7 miles) long and takes you on some steep slopes, to explore a lovely Carolinian forest and to stroll along the Ausable River floodplain. The Ivey trail takes about 2–2.5 hours to complete if you allow some time to stop and enjoy your surroundings.  Please be careful, some sections of the trail are rough.

About halfway along the Ivey trail you will overlap with the Inch trail.  The Inch trail loop is approximately 3.2 km (2 miles) and will lead you through forests, meadows, plantations, shrub thickets and swamps.  The loop takes about 1.5 to hours to complete and loops north towards Boothill Road.