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Support the Count


Thank you for supporting Out for the Count! Your donation helps to support conservation and restoration of TTLT's network of nature reserves.

Here is a list of the teams you can support. Fundraising totals will be updated daily through the week!

Competitive Category

The Goodyera Gang


Team Captain: Jenn (McPhee) Dyson

Fundraising total: $380

Greenspace Invaders

Team Captain: Rebecca Launchbury

Fundraising total: $450

Im-peck-able Larks

Team Captain: Daria Koscinski

Fundraising total: $1130

Kickin' it with my Birches

Team Captain: Colin Johnson

Fundraising total: $540


Team Captain: Matthew Palarchio

Fundraising total: Just starting

Recreational Category

Hazel Elmslie

Team Captain: Hazel Elmslie

Fundraising total: Just starting

Nature at Western

Team Captain: Brendon Samuels

Fundraising total: Just starting

The Northern Dancers

Team Captain: Ken Dance

Fundraising total: Just starting

Sitler Woods Ramblers

Team Captain: David Wake

Fundraising total: $300

Unstoppable Duo

Team Captain: Vicki Simkovic

Fundraising total: Just starting

Verville Walkers

Team Captain: Tony Verboom

Fundraising total: $100

Family Category

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