Ridgeview Wetlands

Ridgeview Wetlands is a 13-hectare nature reserve that is part of the 178.8 ha Five Points Woods Wetland Complex, a Provincially Significant Wetland and an important wildlife refuge. The site is along the Ingersoll moraine with steep wooded ridges and deep wetland troughs. Extensive woodlands on this nature reserve are important for area sensitive birds, several of which are Species at Risk. The nature reserve is home to at least three Species at Risk birds that depend on interior forest habitat and at least 35 priority species in Bird Conservation Region 13. The seep-fed wetlands on the property are especially important for amphibians and Species at Risk turtles. TTLT has an active turtle recovery program at the Five Points Woods Wetland Complex for Midland Painted Turtle and Snapping Turtle. 

Les and Almeda Charlton have been caring for these lands for more than 30 years. They have initiated wetland restoration projects to support wetland birds and turtles and enjoyed the varied terrain on their walks.

TTLT and partners have been active in securing long term protection of the Five Points Woods Wetland Complex. Conserving this new nature reserve will increase the current protection in the area from 67 ha to 79 ha, resulting in 29% of the Five Points Woods Wetland Complex under long term protection. The proximity of the properties provide good connectivity for wildlife movement and this expansion ensures a large block of habitat is protected.


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                              We also thank all the individual donors for their support of this land conservation project


All photos by Cathy Quinlan