What TTLT does

Capture.JPGThe Thames Talbot Land Trust improves the quality of life in our area by preserving ecological heritage (both natural and agricultural), supporting environmental education, and providing opportunities for passive recreational activities like hiking and birding.

TTLT owns 14 properties and protects over 1200 acres of land

Since its inception in 2000, our mandate has included the protection of land with both natural and agricultural features. This duality reflects our area's rich biological diversity as well its position as Canada's most productive agricultural region.

TTLT protects land and waters of ecological, agricultural, and cultural value through a variety of mechanisms, including:

- Land acquisition
- Conservation easements
- Landscape restoration
- Education

Although lands forming parts of natural heritage corridors are our primary interest, TTLT remains vigilant and reactive to unexpected opportunities that may arise through threats such as development.

Held in trust for future generations

All prospective lands undergo rigorous on-site evaluation to assess their significance and contribution towards our strategic goals. 

While the management plan for each Trust property will be different from others, our primary intent is to hold and manage the land in perpetuity for the benefit of future generations.