Vision 20/20 Campaign

In the year 2020, Thames Talbot Land Trust celebrated its 20th anniversary, and since its inception, the organization has grown slowly but steadily. By the end of 2018, the Trust had taken on responsibility for over 1500 acres (600 hectares) of land across 15 nature reserves. Our previous campaigns held to get to that number have centred on single properties. With the Vision 20/20 campaign, the Trust has taken direct action on long-term protection of multiple conservation lands in the counties of Elgin, Oxford, and Middlesex, all within the Carolinian Zone.

Meet the various nature reserves under the Vision 20/20 Campaign.

Although progress has been made, there is still more to do.

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Photo courtesy of Sean Brown.


Through an initiative called Pathway to Canada Target 1, the federal government aimed to conserve at least 17% of Canada’s land and freshwater by the end of 2020. As of spring 2019, Canada was at 11.8%. 

Most of the land protection that had contributed to the 11.8% can be found in the Canadian north. In contrast, the Carolinian Zone, located in southwestern Ontario, only has 2.5% of nature under protection, despite holding the highest biodiversity in Canada and the highest proportion of Species at Risk.

All natural areas protected in the Vision 20/20 campaign contributed to Canada's goal of 17% and helped to protect an important and unique piece of Canada. Progress towards that initiative's goal has been made, with 12.5% conserved in 2020. 

The additional purchases and gifts of land through the Vision 20/20 campaign has brought the total land under our protection to nearly 1900 acres (770 hectares). These sites provide habitat for diverse communities of plants and animals, including at least 30 Species at Risk!

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