Native Plant Sale 2021

Why Grow Native Plants?
Native Plants Available

Come join us at TTLT's Native Plant Sale 2021! No registration necessary. Just drop by, support your local environment, and pick up some native plants for $5!

When: June 16, 2021 

Time: 4:30pm to 8:30pm

Where: Outdoor Western Fair Market at Queen's Park, 925 Dundas St, London, ON N5W 5N3







List of plants of available: (for more information on the plants available, click here!)

  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Bottlebrush Grass
  • Butterfly Weed
  • Foxglove Beardtongue
  • Grey-headed Coneflower
  • Sweet Ox-eye
  • Virginia Mountain Mint
  • Virginia Wild Rye
  • Wild Bergamot
  • Wild Strawberry