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I have always cared for nature and the preservation of natural areas.  Over the years I have come to realize that one of the best ways to insure that land is preserved to that end is to own it.  My wife Jane was one of the founding members of the Trust and served as property manager for several years. Accompanying her on work days, hikes, and volunteer events made me appreciate the importance of the Trust and allowed me to mingle with the wonderful people who give their time and talent to the restoration and maintenance of the Trust's property.  Jane is no longer with us and I feel that my participation in various activities of the Trust serves to honor her memory and extend her dream further.  Doing things with the Trust is fun, educational, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding.

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    Support the Winter Walk for Wildlife

    The Winter Walk for Wildlife helps us raise funds for conservation and features a guided hiking tour of the beautiful Westminster Ponds ESA.

    We ask that all participants raise a minimum of $50 to participate in this event. The Top 3 fundraisers will win prizes!

    If someone you know is fundraising to participate in the walk, you can support them here! Fill out the donation form, and be sure to include the name of the person you are sponsoring to complete the walk.


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André is a Professor of Biology at the University of Western Ontario. A microbiologist by training, much of his teaching is currently in various aspects of evolutionary biology including population genetics, systematics, and phylogenetics. He has descri
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