Hawk Cliff Woods Campaign

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We did it! With your help we have protected Hawk Cliff Woods for future generations to enjoy! 

Like the incredible birds that soar above the cliffs, we soared higher than ever before in this campaign. In addition to acquiring Hawk Cliff Woods, we increased our Opportunities Fund and our Endowment Fund. Enhancing these funds will help us to continue protecting exceptional natural areas.

Why This Property?

Campaign2.jpgHawk Cliff  is well known to bird enthusiasts who visit the area annually to view the hawk migration.  The area is also an important stop along the migration route for the Monarch butterfly, a species of Special Concern. Species at Risk recorded within Hawk Cliff Woods include Butternut, American Chestnut, Bank Swallow, Broad Beech Fern, Eastern Wood-Pewee, Louisiana Waterthrush and Wood Thrush.

Hawk Cliff Woods is one of the largest remaining deep interior forests in Elgin County.  This special place is identified as critical habitat for the Endangered Acadian Flycatcher.  Hawk Cliff Woods provides nesting habitat for other Species at Risk including Bank Swallow (Threatened), as well as Eastern Wood-Pewee, Louisiana Waterthrush and Wood Thrush (all three of Special Concern).  Rare trees such as Butternut and American Chestnut (both Endangered) are found here.  The understorey of the ravine slopes and moist bottomland in this mature beech/maple woodland contains a diversity of ferns, including the Endangered Broad Beech Fern and Rare Creeping Fragile Fern.

How can you help


You can still contribute through donation to the ongoing stewardship and restoration of Hawk Cliff Woods. 

TTLT will encourage education and outreach activities at Hawk Cliff Woods. TTLT will welcome community participation in activities such as tagging Monarch butterflies, planting native species in meadows, and removing of invasive species. 

Hawk Cliff Campaign Pamphlet (PDF)

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