Getting Started

This section will walk you through the entire process of the event, from registration to submitting your data after the main event!

Step 1: Register your team

Step 2: Collect pledges

Step 3: Get Out for the Count!

Step 4: Collecting and submitting data

Step 1: Register your team and review the documents 

Register your team here. You will need a team name, a team category (see below), and a list of team members.

A team can include up to 4 adults and an unlimited number of kids (aged 14 and under). 

Your team can register under 1 of the 2 categories:

Frogs: you have serious or professional naturalists on your team and you want to get really competitive.

Tadpoles: you know a little about nature but you really want to have fun rather than be super competitive.

Don't have a team? Check out our Community Challenge option for other ways to participate!


Step 2: Collect pledges

Collect pledges from friends, family, and coworkers. 

Click here for a link to online donations. Note: The donation links are unique to each team, but there is also a general donation form that is not team-specific.

Click here for a link to the pledge form for cash and cheque donations. 

You can collect pledges at a flat rate or try a per-species rate for an extra challenge!


Step 3: Get Out for the Count!

The main event day takes place on September 18, 2021. With your team, find and record species at any of the TTLT nature reserves! You may also find and record species in any natural area. Check out Resources to find more information on TTLT nature reserves you can visit. 

Don't forget that we have some Awards and Prizes available, so keep that in mind when you're Out for the Count!

Don't have a team? Or do you have a team but have a passion for Birds, Insects, or Plants? Check out our Community Challenge option for more ways to participate!

If you're looking to join a guided hike, nature enthusiast Colin Johnson will be leading a 2 hour session through London's Meadowlily Nature Preserve, TTLT's first nature reserve, as well as through some identifying basics. Meadowlily is a mosaic of landscapes including floodplains, open meadow, and upland forest - there are many species here to discover and use for the BioBlitz! Click here to register!


Step 4: Collecting and submitting data

Collect your data either by using the "Excel data collection form for species observation" (found in Resources) or through iNaturalist.

If using iNaturalist, go to "Projects", search for "Out for the Count 2021", and click "Join". You can also join the project via https://inaturalist.ca/projects/out-for-the-count-2021. All observations submitted on the day of the BioBlitz will automatically be recorded towards the project. 

However you collect your data, you'll need to compile the lists from everyone on your team and submit a team data summary to TTLT using the "Data Summary form" (found in Resources).

Please submit your Excel data collection form and Data summary form to [email protected] with the subject line: (Team Name) BioBlitz Data.

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