Diversifying Conservation

Through partnerships with the W.E.A.N Community Centre and London Cross Cultural Learner Centre, we have been able to launch the Diversifying Conservation program! This program is created with and for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour within Elgin, Oxford, Perth, and Middlesex counties to provide a safe space and opportunity to engage and connect with nature in ways that are more accessible and equitable for everyone. 

With this program, we also hope to strengthen the community partnerships we currently have, while fostering other partnerships with local Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour organizations to pursue future initiatives with. 

If you are interested in getting involved, check this page for volunteer opportunities or contact [email protected].

Volunteer Opportunities

July 31, 2021: Butterfly Catching Nature Hike

We're helping people connect with nature through family friendly butterfly catching and a beginner level hike at Meadowlily Nature Preserve and the Meadowlily ESA. Please sign-up to help us make this event possible!

Click here for the sign-up sheet

We are looking for volunteers for the following roles:

Nature Hike Leaders: The Nature Hike Leader is responsible for guiding their group through a pre-determined route on the trails in Meadowlily ESA and Meadowlily Nature Preserve. The Nature Hike Leader should be knowledgeable of some native plants and animals, enough so that they can educate the participants and help individuals fill in their Nature Bingo cards. The Nature Hike Leader will also need to collect the bingo cards after the hike and wipe them clean at registration for the next group.

Event Shepherd Volunteers: The Event Shepherd Volunteer is responsible for assisting the leader and making sure no one gets left behind. They will stay with the same group for the entire event to keep people motivated and ensure COVID-19 safety protocols are being followed.

Registration/Tick Check Assistants: The Registration/Tick Check Assistant will be responsible for collecting and distributing COVID-19 screening questions and liability/photo waivers. They will also be responsible for doing a last minute tick check with participants before they leave the area. The Registration/Tick Check Assistant will also check on the snack/drink station at the end of their shift in case of needed refills.

Backup Nature Hike LeadersThis is a backup position in case we have more interest than expected. Backup Nature Hike Leaders will lead a hike in between the regularly scheduled hike times, if needed.

Backup Event Shepherd VolunteersThis is a backup position in case we have more interest than expected. Backup Event Shepherd Volunteers will lead a hike in between the regularly scheduled event times, if needed.


This program is funded by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation