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    Adopt a patch

    Patch_1.jpgWelcome to Adopt-a-Patch! Join our growing team of patch guardians and help restore forest habitats by pulling garlic mustard in your patch.

    What is Garlic Mustard?


    Garlic Mustard is an invasive plant, originally from Europe, that has become widespread in North America. It grows in a variety of habitats but is particularly problematic in the forest understory, where it takes over and replaces native plants. It can be very difficult to remove because each year it produces thousands of tiny seeds that can stick around in the soil for upwards of 5-9 years. To eliminate Garlic Mustard from an area, every plant must be pulled each year before it produces more seed. It can take around 5 years of consistent pulling before a population of Garlic Mustard is under control. We need your help to make sure this happens!

    How can you help?


    You can adopt your own patch in the forest and commit to pulling all the garlic mustard in it each year! Plots are 10x10m so they're a managable size to clear in 1-2 visits in the spring. You're also welcome to visit your patch again in fall to get a head start for the following spring.

    If you stick with the program for a few years, you'll also get to plant native wildflowers in your patch once the invasive Garlic Mustard has been kicked out.

    Feel free to bring family and friends to help out - many hands make light work!

    Sounds great! How do I adopt my patch?Patch_3.jpg

    Adopt-a-patch is currently running at Five Points Forest. Simply sign up at the bottom of this page and you'll receive updates each spring.

    Have more questions? Feel free to contact Daria at 519-858-3442, or daria.koscinski@ttlt.ca


    TTLT has received support for this project from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
    We are so grateful for their contribution! 
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