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    Support the Winter Walk for Wildlife

    The Winter Walk for Wildlife helps us raise funds for conservation and features a guided hiking tour of the beautiful Westminster Ponds ESA.

    We ask that all participants raise a minimum of $50 to participate in this event. The Top 3 fundraisers will win prizes!

    If someone you know is fundraising to participate in the walk, you can support them here! Fill out the donation form, and be sure to include the name of the person you are sponsoring to complete the walk.


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    Adopt A Patch: Five Points Forest


    About Five Points Forest

    Five Points Forest was donated to the Thames Talbot Land Trust in 2009 by Al and Lilianne Driedger, who wanted to protect the natural features of the land in perpetuity.

    Location Map of Five Points Forest

    The 29-ha (73-acre) property lies on a gently rolling moraine just south of the south branch of the Thames River between Putnam and Ingersoll, adjacent to other woodland patches.

    Five Points Forest consists of mixed coniferous-deciduous upland forest and forest swamp, including Provincially Significant Wetland.

    Its low-lying areas were farmed until the 1940s and 1950s and then abandoned. These areas have reforested naturally but also include some older coniferous plantings including White Pine, Scotch Pine and Larch.

    Your Role

    Individuals or groups of people, nature clubs, schools and other organizations can adopt one or more 10m x 10m patches within the forest.

    Stewardship of your patch can include:

    • Garlic mustard pulling in the spring and summer months;
    • Other invasive species removal;
    • Litter clean-up along trails;
    • Tree and shrub planting;
    • Observation and reporting of hazards.

    Five Points Forest Adopt A Patch Brochure

             Five_Points_Work_Day_JB_1.jpg   Five_Points_Work_Day_JB_2.jpg
    TTLT has received support for this project from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
    We are so grateful for their contribution! 
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