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In 2020, TTLT completed its first 20 years of protecting natural heritage in London and surrounding counties. From very modest volunteer beginnings, the land trust has attracted support from sponsors, hundreds of volunteers and a talented and dedicated staff. Twenty nature reserves comprising 766 hectares and containing at least 50 Species at Risk have been secured through hard work, donations and community support.

At 20 years, it is important, while the memories remain accessible, to record the significant steps and recognize the people who achieved this success. Drawing on the files and recollections of many volunteers, we have prepared a commemorative book with pictures, illustrated timeline, facts and stories from TTLT’s 20 years. Sample pages from the 44-page, full-colour, limited-edition book can be viewed below.

Copies are still available for purchase. 
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Orders can be picked up from TTLT offices at 944 Western Counties Rd, London, ON. If you require your copy to be mailed, please add an additional $5 to your order to cover shipping costs.

               Memories and Milestones

Description:    Limited Edition, Full Colour, Text and pictures – 44 pages.

Price:              $ 25 

Sample Pages: Memories and Milestones