Annual General Meeting

Join us for our 2021 Annual General Meeting! This year's event will be virtually held over Zoom.

Only members are allowed to vote on motions put forth. If you currently do not hold a membership and wish to have voting rights, become a member before June 16th.

Meeting Details

When: Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 at 6:30pm
Where: Hosted via Zoom. See the registration link below.

6:30 pm: Introductions
6:45 pm: Guest Speaker - Njal Rollinson
7:30 pm: AGM Business

Please use the following link to register:

You can also download the AGM postcard invitation here.

Guest Speaker - Njal Rollinson, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

My research is in evolutionary ecology but blends various fields, especially behaviour and conservation. I combine long-term monitoring, field and lab experiments, and metadata to explore the evolution of life histories, maternal effects, patterns of growth, sex determination, and thermal traits. My work is motivated by theory and rooted in natural history. I aim to push forward our understanding of life histories and life cycles while conserving our planet’s biodiversity.

Presentation: "Good news for a change: climate warming isn't going to wipe turtles from the face of the earth."

The short post-glacial history of the Great Lakes basin of North America combined with regional geology, climate, and varied habitat types, make this area the northern range edge of many cold-adapted ectotherms. This region has also experienced rapid environmental change over the past half-century. Deep in Algonquin Park, long-term study of reptiles since 1972 have readily documented long-term responses to climate warming. Rapid warming is widely predicted to result in feminization of sex ratios in reptiles with temperature dependent sex determination. Yet, contrary to this expectation, we find no evidence of feminization over 20 years in snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina). Instead, we find striking variation in primary sex ratios among nests occupying a spatially restricted area, suggesting that microhabitat variation plays an underappreciated role in balancing sex ratios. This work underlines how long-term study of vertebrates is necessary to understand responses to rapid warming, and to uncover if and how climate change resilience will be realized in clades that have otherwise persisted through deep time.

AGM Package

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