About Beryl Ivey Woods

The Beryl Ivey Woods is a 20.2 hectare (50 acre) property located in the Municipality of Middlesex. It is south of Newbury and west of Wardsville in Middlesex County and part of the Skunk’s Misery Natural Area (SMNA). This property was deeded to the St. Johns Presbyterian Church in Wardsville by one of its parishioners approximately 25 years ago. It is in an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI) and contains provincially significant wetlands. The property has been partly cleared and grazed in the past and Scotts and White Pine trees were planted on the site, few of which have survived. Native trees and shrubs have since colonized the area.

The Beryl Ivey Woods contains a mixture of native deciduous regeneration thicket, hardwood lowland deciduous forest, Oak-Maple deciduous forest, and Silver Maple mineral deciduous swamp.  Sections of this property show signs of intense logging or grazing in the past but many species are now regenerating.

Several species which are characteristic of Carolinian habitat such as sassafras and Tulip tree occur at this site. Many species of Ash, Oak, and Maple are commonly found here as well. Species-at-risk found at this property include Eastern Flowering Dogwood, Butternut, and American Chestnut. Cerulean Warbler, Prothonotary Warbler, and Acadian Flycatcher have been documented on adjacent properties in the Skunk's Misery Natural Area.

TTLT volunteers are working to restore damaged habitat on the property. Restoration goals include control of invasive species which threaten to outcompete native species and clearing sections of the forest canopy to allow Oak, Black Cherry, and Tulip Tree to thrive.