Our Story

The Thames Talbot Land Trust (TTLT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of lands and waters with significant natural, recreational, scenic, historical or agricultural value.

flowers.jpgOur name reflects the geographical context and cultural heritage of the lands along the Thames Rivers and historic Talbot Trail in Southwestern Ontario, with our area of focus including Middlesex, Elgin, Perth and Oxford Counties, and their contingent watersheds.

The Carolinian Zone

Our geographic mandate includes one of the most diverse and endangered ecosystems in Canada – the Carolinian Life Zone.

Extending from Grand Bend to Toronto, Canada's Carolinian EcoRegion contains our nation's largest diversity of plants and animals and 25 per cent of its human population, but less than one percent of its land area - much of which is under private ownership.

TTLT aims to play a pivotal role in conserving and restoring this diverse landscape through land acquisition, conservation easements, landscape restoration and education.